The Wood type is associated with spring and the time when  vegetation begins to grow. As a Wood type, you’re concerned with boundaries and structure. The boundaries are there to guide you on your journey, because you’re always off on a new quest. (I understand the Wood types quite well). You’re linear, motivated. and hard-working. Your challenge comes when the boundaries become stifling, and the structure you’ve built doesn’t take you where you want to go. Frustration and anger are things that Wood Elements frequently struggle with

You can recognize a Wood type by their intense gaze, tense muscles, and tight jaws. They can appear impatient. Health challenges include digestive problems and headaches.

The Five Elements tea blend contains green tea, for concentration, licorice, known as gan cao in Chinese Medicine, and used to relax and smooth tight muscles. Fennel and orange peel support digestion, especially if you’ve just gulped your food, as Wood types tend to do. (Please note this is not a medicinal tea, just an herbal blend to remind you to relax, even as you work.) The orange peel and lemon grass add a refreshing, slightly sour, note. The taste associated with the Wood Element is sour.

Below an exercise adapted from the book Transforming Your Dragons. Because a balanced Wood type can visualize the future so clearly, they often live in their future goals, rather than the present. Planning and organizing are good traits, but taken in the extreme, they leave you addicted to busyness.

Try this:

Have some unstructured time. This means you have a period, anywhere from five minutes to a few hours, where you do not have a plan for what you are doing. You might find yourself gathering material in anticipation of this: newspapers you haven’t read, mending you need to do.

Don’t. When the period arises, just let yourself be. You might just sit and think somewhere quiet outside, go for a walk, or listen to some music.

The Wood Type: Born to lead

Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton



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