The Water Type


Like the Wood type, Water types can be very determined and strong. But while Wood is all flash and dash, impatient to get to the goal, and never satisfied, a Water type moves forward very carefully. The Water type is inherently suspicious, and will ask the same question different ways to make sure he gets to the same conclusion.

Their deliberate, calm manner and assurance can conceal anxieties and irrational fears. While Earth Types may worry about the welfare of others, the Water type is concerned about danger. The fear they experience may be almost paralyzing, and extreme cases, Water types will have a stillness about them, and a monotonous, hushing voice, that suggests they wish to escape notice. Nevertheless, they have strong will-power and endurance, and usually get what they want.

A Water type will not seek out a direct confrontation. It would be more their way to be passive, and elusive. They’re comfortable working alone, and though they can work very hard, they need times of replenishment and withdrawal. Unlike the Metal Type that is drawn towards detail and complexity, the Water Type is engaged by the purity of simplicity.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Kidney and Bladder meridians are associated with the Water Element, and Water types may experience problems with their lower back, knees, or bones in general.

The TCM Bladder meridian follows all along the spine before it descends down the back of the legs, and ends at the little toe.

The following exercise was adapted from Pamela Ferguson’s book, “The Self-Shiatsu Handbook.” You can work along the Bladder meridian with your knuckles while standing, going all the way down to your sacrum. Even better is the position known as the Child’s Pose, in yoga. Your back will be naturally relaxed in this position, allowing you to work deeper.

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Water Type people:

Quiet but charismatic, the enigma of the water type: Liam Neeson


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