Fire Type


Fire charms, glows and enchants. But it’s a changeable element, sparkling and strong one minute, just embers and ashed the next. Fire types love to converse, joke, and relate to other people. They also have a tendency to get their feelings hurt easily, and to jump into relationships. It’s hard for them to find a balance between intimacy and rejection. Though fire types are creative, it can also be difficult for them to show sustained effort, since they’re easily dejected. The fire element rules the heart, and Fire types can have circulatory problems, or suffer from depression and insomnia.

My Fire Element tea warms those in need of a little cheer with herbs such as dried ginger and cinnamon. The tender red of rose petals remind us all of the importance of love.

The following exercise, adapted from “Healing your Emotions”, by Angela and John Hicks, is a good reminder for us all, not just the Fire Type.

In Swiss culture, we were raised to be conscientious and fix things. That leads to a lot of fault finding. But it’s also good to reflect on things that went well, because that helps us stay positive. Take a few minutes every day, morning and night, to make notes in a little journal.

When you wake up, ask yourself

  • What do I appreciate in my life at the present?
  • What am I enjoying about my life at the present?

In the evening, you can ask yourself

  • What have I learned today?
  • What positive things happened today?
  • What have been my gifts today?

This doesn’t have to be anything complicated. For instance, as I write this, I can say that I learned it’s a good thing to get help from experienced writers who are serious about their craft. I am grateful for the suggestions I got from my writer friend in Ireland today.

And as for what I gave out—I made time to go to a party and meet the daughter of a good friend, who was visiting Switzerland from America. I complimented a yoga teacher there on the exercises she showed me. And I watered my bean plants.

Simple things. But a good day.

The Fire Type: Russel Brand – kooky and creative.



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