Earth Type

Earth Type

Earth Type

While the Fire type is wild, exciting, and unpredictable, the Earth type is the friend we all wish to have. Diane Ackermann has this to say about the importance of feeling nourished by our connection with others:

“We prefer to talk in person, as if we could temporarily slide into their feelings. Our friend first offers us food, drink. It is a symbolic act, a gesture that says: This food will nourish your body as I nourish your soul. In hard times, or in the wild, it also says I will endanger my own life by parting with some of what I must consume to survive. Those desperate times may be ancient history, but the part of us forced in such trails accepts the token drink and piece of cheese and is grateful.”

Indeed, we are grateful for the caring and stability of the Earth types. However, when this type becomes out of balance, caring can become interference, and stability becomes inertia. Giving too much may create a hunger inside, one not easily filled with the sweet goodies the Earth type craves.

The Five Element Earth Tea has a sweet taste from organic goji berries and shredded coconut. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, goji berries nourish the blood and build energy.

Earth types like to take care of others, but often have trouble asking for what they need themselves. They feel other people should be able to anticipate needs, just like they do for their friends and loved ones. Sometimes the Earth type also is conflicted about asking for anything for themselves, when they see others have so many needs.

When an Earth type is unbalanced, her thinking may be muddled, and it could be hard to concentrate. Reestablishing connection to the earth and feeling grounded is important then. Also important is learning to say no to others when you need some time to take care of yourself.

As you might guess, more Earth types are women. Women suffer from distorted body images, especially when the belly is concerned. Wearing tight pants and sucking in the stomach is unfortunately a common behavior. However, tension in your belly interferes with your ability to digest and breathe properly.

Here’s an easy breathing exercise:

Belly Breath

  • Sit on a chair with your back straight
  • Close your eyes, and imagine that your diaphragm (the muscle separating the lung and the abdomen) is an accordion. When you have completely exhaled all the air from your lungs, the accordion is tightly compressed; when you take a deep breath, it expands.
  • Place one hand just below your belly button and the other just below your breasts. Slowly breathe in, imagining that your lower hand is pulling down on the accordion while the upper hand is pulling up.
  • Feel your lungs fill up from top to bottom. When the accordion is fully expanded, slowly exhale, and feel the accordion relax.

Continue for 2-3 minutes, and repeat twice daily.

The Earth Type: The Willendorf Venus statue


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