Liver Qi Stagnation

Liver Qi Stagnation

According to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Liver is responsible for the free and harmonious flow of Qi. What impedes that?

Short answer—stress.

Although we might think that life is easier than it once was, the hectic pace of the modern world does cause stress. There’s stress in the thought that we’re not doing enough, or that we might miss something. Almost everyone experiences some stress, but certain people seem more susceptible to it.

  1. Don’t eat in a hurry, standing up. Also don’t gulp your food while reading the newspaper or your e-mails. Watch the frustration eating. It might make you feel better, but only temporarily.
  2. Frustration and anger lead to Liver-Qi stagnation. Vent your negative feelings. That doesn’t mean that you should get into a screaming match with the next person who annoys you. But don’t swallow your anger. Keep a journal, take a vigorous walk, even beat on your pillow when you’re especially frustrated.
  3. The cruciferous vegetables are especially helpful. Vegetables like broccoli, kohlrabi, and kale contain di-indoylmethane, which helps your body process excess estrogen.
  4. Exercise is important, and should be integrated into your daily routine.

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