Herbal TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine

herbal tcm
Chinese herbs are a very important part of TCM treatments, especially when patients seek help with infertility, gynaecological problems or autoimmune disorders.
Taking a Herbal TCM prescription is very different from taking an herbal formula that you can buy at the apothecary. Before herbal prescriptions are studied in school, the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine must be mastered. This includes various concepts such as Yin and Yang, and the progression of a viral or bacterial disease. Some of the concepts are quite complicated.
These concepts help the practitioner make a diagnosis. Only then does the practitioner write a prescription, which usually consists of five to fifteen herbs that work synergistically.
Your herbs will be ordered with Lian Chinaherb AG and delivered to you by mail. Lian Chinaherb is a Swiss company that complies with all the complex regulations for importing and warehousing Chinese herbs. After you pay their bill, you can forward it to your insurance company for partial reimbursement.

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