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Get Started

Call your supplementary coverage insurance and ask about your reimbursements. Your treatments, including the costs for the herbs, should be at least partially covered. You may be asked for my insurance numbers: ZSR-S631161.
Plan on 1.5 hours for the first appointment, unless you’re just coming for 60 minutes of Shiatsu-massage. Please study my hours and chose a few times that could work for you. If you don’t see anything suitable, contact me and we’ll find a solution.

Opening hours and prices

Please download your form and fill it out before your appointment. You can bring pertinent medical records such as lab work and radiology or ultrasound reports as well, especially if you are coming for infertility or a complex medical condition.

What to expect
Please eat a light meal before your appointment. When we meet for our session, I will take your history, look at your tongue and analyze your pulse, using the precepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We’ll discuss your objective, and the best treatment plan. A short acupuncture or Shiatsu-massage session will follow.

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Traditionelle Chinesischin Medizin in St. Gallen