Five Elements Quiz


Five Element Quiz

The Five Element teas I’ve created reflect certain personal dispositions. They are tea blends for taste and pleasure and personal exploration—not medicinal teas. (To create a proper Chinese herbal recipe, pulse, tongue, and symptoms all need to be taken into account. Please see

Do you want some help on deciding which element is strongest, or are you curious about a friend or colleague? Just take the quiz I designed. The answer key appears at the end. Count up your answers and see which Element category they fall into. Which Element did you choose most often?

We all have a constitutional tendency towards one Element, but remember, your life circumstances will influence your choices as well.

You can click on each Element at the end of the quiz to read more.

Five Elements Intake Quiz
Choose the best answer for each question.

1. I seek out the company of others to…
A. Share my feelings
B. To discuss philosophy, science, or politics
C. To share good food
D. To engage in competitive games or sports
E. I don’t seek out others

2. Others seek me out
A. Because I am nurturing
B. Because I am reliable and knowledgeable
C. Because my presence is soothing.
D. Because I organize and plan fun things.
E. Because I am funny and entertaining.

3. When I want to be alone it’s because
A. I have so much to get done.
B. I want to be alone to think over things.
C. Others have disappointed me.
D. Others are always relying on me.
E. I’ve exhausted myself with too many visits.

4. My most important relationships are
A. My children
B. Work colleagues with similar goals.
C. My romantic and sexual partner.
D. A long-time group of dependable friends.
E. I prefer sustenance from nature, books, or music.

5. If I had a pet I would like
A. A big dog to go running or hiking with.
B. A cat-they are so clean and tidy.
C. Any young cuddly baby animal.
D. An aquarium would be nice.
E. A colorful parrot

6. I like to be surrounded by the following colors…
A. Dark blue, black, or jewel like deep tones.
B. Coral, pink, brown, floral patterns.
C. Sage green, grey, checkerboard patterns.
D. Olive, green, navy blue, stripes.
E. Dramatic colors such as scarlet, paisley prints.

7. My supervisors appreciate my
A. Diplomacy, common sense, and team spirit
B. Innovation and enthusiasm
C. Constant hard work and motivation.
D. Low maintenance needs.
E. Attention to detail and conscientious attitude.

8. When I’m tired
A. Take a milky coffee or sweet.
B. Plan the rest of the day to conserve my energy
C. Drink an espresso.
D. I get some exercise.
E. Nap or daydream.

9. Food habits
A. Who has time to sit down and eat?
B. I love to go and try new ethnic or spicy foods.
C. I’m satisfied with simple foods: soups, smoothies, a bowl of muesli.
D. I like regular meals with traditionally prepared foods.
E. I’m drawn to starches and sweets.

10. Food preferences
A. Sweet, like chocolate or ice cream.
B. Bitter, like black coffee, arugula, or Campari.
C. Salty, like chips, pretzels.
D. Pungent, like cayenne, raw garlic, or onions.
E. Sour, like cornichons, lemons, plain yogurt.

11. Exercise
A. I like to dance or work out to music.
B. I like to swim or walk in the woods.
C. I love a rousing game or tennis, soccer, or other team sport.
D. I prefer to hike in the mountain areas.
E. I don’t like to exercise that much, but I have to, to control my weight.

12. Social mores: You’ve been invited to the wedding of a distant relative. Will you go?
A. Yes, I don’t know her well, but I feel obligated.
B. No, I’m very busy with my projects.
C. I’d love a chance to meet and talk with people.
D. If someone I care about goes, perhaps I will too.
E. No, I’m happy at home, relaxing.

13. Reaction to the unexpected. You see an unusual silver colored spider on the living room floor. You
A. Do nothing. It will eventually go somewhere on its own.
B. Take a photo of it so you can show all your friends.
C. Kill it.
D. Carefully move it outside.
E. Try to find out what it is on Google. Most fascinating.

14. You are inviting people over. What’s most important to you?
A. That everyone gets along.
B. That my place makes a good impression by being clean and nice.
C. That people will have fun.
D. That I can make some connections, learn something, or get a good tip.
E. That the gathering is small enough to be comfortable and cozy.

15. I thoroughly dislike
A. Frenetic loud scenes.
B. Being rejected by others.
C. Having my judgment called into question.
D. Being perceived as weak
E. Having my help brushed aside





N. Wood Fire Earth Metal Water
1 D A C B E
2 D E A B C
3 A E D C B
4 B C A D E
5 A E c B D
6 C E B D A
7 C B A E D
8 D C A B E
9 A B E D C
10 E B A D C
11 C A E D B
12 B C D A E
13 C B D E A
14 D C A B E
15 D B E C A

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