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I practice Japanese acupuncture.
That means that my needle insertion is gentle and superficial. Painless.
I’ve tried it all on myself.All illnesses that have to do with stress, circulation, or inflammatory changes can benefit.

My specialties are treatment of gynecological problems, immune-system alterations and migraines. I also provide support for cancer patients.

What does a good acupuncture treatment feel like?

It’s a natural question for clients experiencing acupuncture for the first time. While each condition requires a specific combination of needles, I will describe what the experience is like in general.
In my clinic, you lie on your back on the treatment table, and take a deep breath of anticipation. I will gently probe your hands, arms and legs for sensitive points that correlate to the condition I am treating, or to systemic imbalances. I’ll ask you if these points feel achy when I apply pressure, and you will notice a light tap when a needle is applied. My fingers seek out a new spot, and there’s another needle. You barely feel it go in, but you may notice a slight tingling of electrical excitement as the needle stimulates your qi (pronounced chee).

Once all the needles are in, you probably will notice a gentle, purposeful change in your body. It is not so much a localized physical sensation. It’s as though your limbs and organs are on friendly terms, reconnecting and reaching out to each other in the soothing ambience of my treatment room. A feeling of relaxation pervades all your senses, and you drift off in a peaceful sleep-like state, alternating with an awareness of your body and the tingling of qi at work. Your body does have its own intelligence – a natural tendency toward equilibrium that is fostered by acupuncture. This intelligence is wakeful while you rest, calibrating and adjusting in internal subtle ways. This is how I explain it.

One of my clients wrote, “The needles somehow sew my spirit back into my body and close the gaps.” Another, less poetically inclined, said, “It felt like I took two Xanax.” You too will develop your own unique perception of the experience.

Here you can find WHO’s list of diseases that seem to respond to acupuncture.

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