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Offer HSG

I’m offering 12% off of all treatments to HSG students, for an hourly price of 100 chf. Plus you can typically get up to 80%  reimbursement from your Swiss complementary medical insurance plan.

I remember the excitement and dread surrounding exam weeks from my own time. You may feel like you can’t spare any time away from your books and computer.  Let me explain why that’s a bad idea.

Your brain right now is like an overworked ox, pulling a heavy cart full of words, numbers, and worries. It can only do so much, even if you flog it with caffeine, nicotine, and recriminations.images

Japanese massage and acupuncture can’t make you smarter. But they can help you work more efficiently.

I’m open late, and conveniently located near your library. Before you drink that next cup of coffee, call me: 079 672 3143. We can speak German, English, or Spanish.